WordPress CMS Development

Morningside Design WordPress CMS DevelopmentMorningside Design is proud to offer WordPress CMS Development services for our customers who need a CMS for their small business website. WordPress is the most popular and widely used Content Management System in use today.
As a matter of fact, Morningside Design is an exclusive WordPress house.


The main reason WordPress Development has taken off in recent years is its ease of use. Other important CMS have a steep learning curve and often require some computer programming knowledge. WordPress requires no programming skills, although knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML are useful.

Getting a basic website up and running is literally only a few clicks away once installed on your Web server. We can also help your staff get up to speed with WordPress once the Web site is finished. Our Web developer will go over important things such as:

  • WordPress Dashboard (where the action takes place)
  • How to create pages
  • How to create posts
  • How to add images to the Media Library
  • Add tags to posts and pages (helps search engines figure out your content)
  • Add custom menus and navigation
  • How to add WordPress plugins and widgets (to add functionality to Web site)

Morningside Design can help you get your small business Web site built and developed with WordPress, uploaded to a Web server and be made ready for major search engines to find and index.