Small Business Web Site Design

Small Business Web Site Design in the Madison, Wisconsin area is a very tough market to get into these days. With many great Small Business Web Site Design companies located in Madison, the competition for work is fierce!

There are a few bigger Web Design companies in Madison that take on most of the Web Site Design work that this area generates. They all do great work and have many talented people working on those projects so they stay pretty busy.

If you look past the bigger Web Design agencies in Madison you will find a hard working group of Web Design companies that focus solely on Small Business Web Site Design. Not everyone can compete with the bigger companies for the larger Web Design projects so we focused on building Web Sites for small business owners.

Small Business Web Site Design by Morningside Design-Affordable Web Design

Small Business Web Site Design

If you go to one of the many smaller Design Companies in Madison you will most likely find a person that understands how small business owners work and think. Many of these Designers and Developers have the same daily issues that you face as a small business owner and have new ideas on how to solve those issues.

One major issue that should be on every small business owners mind is whether or not their company web site is “Mobile Friendly” or “Responsive”. This is due to the recent update that Google rolled out that has had a negative effect on small business web site’s search engine rankings if their web site was not mobile friendly or responsive.

Google has placed significant weight on mobile web design and responsive web design because, simply, it is in their best interest to do so. The Google business model is to give their users the best results for their users search requests. Since more and more Google searches are done on a mobile device, they want their users to land on web sites that are viewed well on an iPhone or iPad.

Small Business Web Site Design should have a mobile first design so smart phone and tablet users get a similar, if not the same experience on your web site as a user on a PC or Macintosh machine. It is hard enough to get customers to your web site only to possibly lose them due to outdated company web site.

Morningside Design LLC is a small business in Madison, Wisconsin who focuses on building mobile friendly and responsive web sites for small business owners. We use the WordPress content management system to design and develop our clients small business web sites.

Building mobile friendly and responsive web sites is all we do and we do it well. We put the extra effort into building your Google friendly web site that shows in the final product.

Feel free to contact us today for your next Small Business Web Site Design project.