The first small business web site we have been working is for KDS Remodeling. They are a respected kitchen and bath remodeling company located in Middleton, Wisconsin who came to us looking for a Responsive Web Site and photo galleries that could be viewed on iPhones, iPads, iPods and other smart phones.

They also were looking for a new Web Hosting Company in Madison because their previous Web Host did not live up to their word or expectations. No big surprise there. It seems as though Web Hosting Companies rarely live up to their promises. I have had a few of those experiences over the years. No good.

If one is in the market for a new Web Hosting company I would strongly suggest checking out my friends at A Small Orange. Great web hosting company, with their web servers and tech support based in the USA! Useful company for sure.

The second small business Web Site in the Madison, Wisconsin area is the Wisconsin Craft Beer Guide. I have not had much time to update this web site as much as I would like to due to, well, working on my client websites.

This small business website is focused on the great micro brew economy that has been booming here in Wisconsin for many years now. There will be information on their favorite Wisconsin craft beer companies and Wisconsin craft brewpubs. There will also be blog posts written about Wisconsin craft beer festivals and events.

I will need to update this website more frequently as the landscape for the Wisconsin craft beer industry is changing rapidly as more and more Wisconsin craft beer establishments are growing.